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The Pinehurst Olive Oil Company

Meet the team of The Pinehurst Olive Company.  Pictured left to right are Madison Burton, Susan Elyash, Kimberly Mims (Shop Owner), Anna Grace Black, Kristen Olsen and Kaitlin Hoover. Pinehurst Olive Oil is so much more than olive oil!  They have so many amazing items to choose from including balsamics, sauces, spreads, pastas, skin care, lotions and so much more.  It’s a wonderful place to shop for gifts...and for those who love to cook and experiment with new flavors! They pride themselves for only bringing the BEST extra virgin olive oils to the shop (many are non-GMO!) and they are very particular about what they choose to sell.  


Kimberly and her team are passionate about providing an excellent customer service experience.  They want their customers to leave the shop happy and excited to take their products home to their kitchens where they can experiment with new recipes and share the meals they create with their loved ones.  And when they are not working together, they are playing together! They genuinely care about each other and each others’ families. They spend a lot of time together outside of work, which is probably why they’ve had very low turnover since they’ve opened their doors.  If you’ve ever been in the shop, they make you feel welcome and valued.  


So, how did all of this start?  Kimberly has always loved to cook and over the years, it has become a form of art for her.  She also loves people, so combining these two things she loves by owning a shop just made sense.  When she found out that The Pinehurst Olive Oil Company was for sale, she and her husband knew that it was meant to be.  They made the call and proceeded to take the steps to purchase the business and in September 2014, it became official. We are so happy for Kimberly and we wish her many more years of success doing what she loves to do!

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