Loving GrADDitude

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Meet Kelly Biltz of Loving GrADDitude, LLC.  She is a Certified ADHD Life Coach and a Licensed Trainer of The Sanity School®.  When Kelly’s son was diagnosed with ADHD, she spent hours and hours every day educating herself on all things ADHD, co-existing conditions, and how she could best support her son.  It felt like a part-time job for two years! From what she gleaned, Kelly and her husband changed their parenting approach and their language around their son. They noticed a huge difference in his success and confidence and, ultimately, changed their relationship for the better.  


One day, Kelly was on Twitter and she saw an ad to become an ADHD Life Coach (she didn’t even know there was such a thing!).  She realized that this was the perfect opportunity for her to help others who were in the same position and who were experiencing the same level of frustration as she was.  She completed her training, and the rest, as they say...is history! 


Kelly helps families and adults who struggle with ADHD and Executive Function challenges, whether in person, or remotely.  She is also very knowledgeable with co-existing conditions such as anxiety, sensory processing challenges, time management, organization, impulsivity and more.  The main point she wants her clients to know is that they are not alone in their challenges and frustration! She is relatable and she understands the feelings of despair and helplessness.  She can confidently help families implement techniques, routines, habits and an understanding of what is happening neurologically that will make a difference! Says Kelly, “You can pretty much put me in any situation and I will use my skills, experience, wisdom, and coaching techniques and be able to handle myself and find common ground.”   We are so happy to have Kelly in the Moore Choices family and we know that her services will help a lot of people!